A Plant Influencer Gets A Digital Home 

Before I began working with Phoebe of "Welcome to the Jungle Home" she was a thriving Plant-Influencer with an impressive audience of more than 20k avid followers on Instagram. However, she was without a digital home and was selling her unique "plant tarp" product off of a Google form and taking payments through Venmo. While it was a great starting point, this system wasn't setting her up for longevity nor the sales goals she aspired to hit.  



Client's Goals 

Key goals were to automate and streamline the checkout experience as well as develop a brand identity that complimented the photo-centric artistic style of Welcome to the Jungle Home's strong social media presence.  

Project Wins 

Since working together, Phoebe of Welcome to the Jungle Home went from no email list of to over 800 potential customers by using waitlists for product drops to generate buzz. She launched 3 unique products and continues to add more to her Shop in 2021. Her instagram following has also grown over 50K through strategic brand partnerships that are now highlighted on the site and allow her to showcase her experience to future partnerships. The biggest win of all is the online Shop. By using Shopify Lite to sell her products almost on auto-pilot, she converts plant lovers to consumers all while building upon her reputation as a thought leader in the plant space. 

Key Take-Aways