A Plant Influencer Gets A Digital Home 

BRAND STRATEGY, BRAND IDENTITY, Photo Curation, WEBSITE DESIGN, & E-Commerce integration 

the scope:

Phoebe of Welcome to the Jungle Home was running a successful plant-focused Instagram account with around 20K followers. As she began to sell her one-of-a-kind plant tarp product, followers expressed frustration with her sales method which included a Google Sheet and a personal Venmo account. 

With plans to expand her product line, we worked together to develop the brand's visual identity, which all came together on a new website with e-commerce features.

the brief:

my role:

the outcome:

Leading this project across brand strategy, user research, brand identity, and website design, I tapped into both design and marketing skills


— Users were abandoning their purchases due to a challenging checkout process
—There was no consistent brand experience

— Gained 500+ email subscribers from the soft website launch
— Sold out the brand's product within 1 day of launch
— Grew to 4 products in the Shop since launch in August 2020

Brand Exploration

phase 01

UNderstanding the brand's origin story, current users, and big-picture vision




The brand came about as a happy creative accident, simply a place where founder Phoebe would share her love of plants, gardening tips, and small living insight.

As a NYC resident, plants help her relax from the constant hustle and make her feel connected to her family in Malaysia
We defined the brand's main connecting values with users as:

Brand Strategy

Armed with insights around the Instagram audience and reviewing customer feedback so far, we began to build out the user profiles to define their goals, needs, and personalities. 

We then explored short-term and long-term business goals to find the overlap in user and brand needs. 

phase 02

Anna (she/her/ hers)


— 29 year old Events Producer
— In a long-term relationship with a partner, but not married yet
— Lives in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn but is originally from the DC suburbs 

Behaviorial Characteristics:

— Ever since moving to NYC, Anna has turned to adding plants to her apartments to create a more calming environment 
—  When she first moved to the city she was all about the nightlife, going to the trendy exhibitions and events, and soaking in everything the city had to offer her. Now she prefers to spend more time moseying her neighborhood with her dog and on the weekends likes to go to a great dinner with a few close friends

Pain POints:

— Not being able to learn about or buy products for her houseplant hobby with ease on cluttered sites or through social influencers with no website


— A simple checkout experience
— A simple way to sign up for email updates when shop is out of stock
— A welcoming and warm brand identity that matches the vibe Welcome to the Jungle Home's crafted and curated on Instagram
— Clear navigation

Jesse (they/them/theirs)


— 35 year old Project Manager at a Tech Company
— Runs a candle business as a side hustle 
— Lives in the Bay Area 

Behaviorial Characteristics:

— Is married to his partner of 10 years, a man five years his junior and they live with two cats
— His 9-5 fine but he's not currently super stimulated or motivated by his company specifically, and has been looking for other positions
— He started the candle side hustle as a quarantine project and has really enjoyed it as a creative outlet.
— His partner is more of the green thumb but slowly Jesse's gotten more interested in their houseplants and taking responsibility for them

Pain POints:

— Not possessing much knowledge around houseplants and worrying about messing up or killing some


— A warm and approachable aesthetic that feels welcoming
— Clear guides to useful information around houseplant education
— Simple design that's photo-heavy to highlight plants

short-term business goals

long-term business goals

— Launch a user-first website and digital shop
— Gain 500 email subscribers by the end of 2020
— Share more of the brand story outside of social media 

— Expand the Shop to multiple product offerings
— Promote educational offerings & classes 
— Show authority to potential brand partners with data

Brand Identity

In this phase we began building out the visual elements of the brand. As the client is an editorial photographer herself, the brand’s creative direction relies heavily on her own imagery with earthy, true-to-life colors which inspired the final brand identity.

phase 03


phase 04

Ideally most projects follow a rhythmic flow and order of operations, but oftentimes obstacles arise. What matters most is how one reacts to unplanned changes by adapting and thinking quickly



the messy middle

As we moved into the website wireframe part of the project, the client was approached by Domino Magazine to be featured in a home gardening product round-up.

The catch?

A live website was needed in order to be included.

This was an incredible opportunity to get the brand in front of a new audience filled with ideal users. Instead of saying no, it was a yes with an add-on:

We hustled to build a simple Shop page with an email opt-in to capitalize on the opportunity, with plans to do a more official launch once the full site was live.


— Product inventory sold out in less than a day from publication
— Captured 500+ emails

Sometimes done is better than perfect.


That soft launch brought a lot of insight and generated new ideas to make the full website even better. 

We realized a separate Press Page would help to show authority for future brand partnerships. Based on feedback of the initial Shop page, we found that using Shopify for the Checkout Experience is a win-win for the user and the client. 

phase 05


1. Worked through multiple rounds of revisions for all website pages
2. Curated images that best fit the large website moments
3. Developed the full website and tested for mobile optimization

Full Launch

Launching a new website is an opportune moment to generate brand buzz and drive traffic to the site. For this brand, I helped the client plan a timely Instagram giveaway which required users to join the email list to enter to win the in-demand, sold-out plant tarp. 

phase 06

Project Wins 

Business wins:

since working together...

— Added 1000+ email list subscribers
— Grew to 4 product offerings in the Shop
— Successfully sold-out monthly product drops 
— Drove traffic to an Amazon storefront to gain affiliate income
— Landed partnership projects with Farm Rio, Parachute, and Pottery Barn

USER wins:

— A digital home that contains all press, resources, and info on the brand
— An easy-to-use Shop experience 
— Consistent communication on new product drops and upcoming IRL community gatherings 

The brand and user’s needs are constantly evolving. We’ve stayed in conversations about two main future additions to the site: 

looking to the future...



An Expanded Resources Page:

A Media Kit Page:

Users began asking for links to products beyond the Amazon storefront. We plan to build out separate sections for affiliate-linked products in the categories of Home, Style, and Gardening as Phoebe expands as an influencer.

Instead of sending a static PDF Media Kit, I proposed a web page highlighting social media stats, email metrics, brand collaboration case studies, and examples of press features. This way, the client has full control over updating the metrics and it encourages viewers to stay on the website.