A Plant Influencer Gets A Digital Home 

BRAND STRATEGY, BRAND IDENTITY, Photo Curation, WEBSITE DESIGN, & E-Commerce integration 

the scope:

Prior to working together, Phoebe of Welcome to the Jungle Home was running a successful plant-focused Instagram account with around 20K followers. As she began to sell her unique plant tarp product, followers expressed frustration with her sales method which included a Google Sheet and a personal Venmo account. 

With plans to expand her product line, we began working together to develop the brand's visual identity and voice, which all came together on a new website with  e-commerce features.

the challenge:

my role:

the outcome:

Leading this project across brand strategy, brand identity, and website design and development, I tapped into both creative and research-driven skills to bring the new brand and website to life.


Users were abandoning their purchases due to a challenging and lengthy checkout process. 

Beyond Instagram and a curated photo style, there was no consistent brand identity nor voice.

Even with a tight timeline. we were able to get the new site up in time to be featured in a Domino Magazine on gardening tools. 

This prompted the Shop to quickly sell out of inventory and capture emails of future shoppers. 


phase 01

UNderstanding the brand's origin story, current users, and big-picture vision

The brand came about as a happy creative accident, simply a place where founder Phoebe would share her love of plants, tips, and insight.

As a NYC resident, apartment plants helped her relax from the constant hustle and made her feel connected to her family in Malaysia and the country's tropical greenery.

We defined the brand's main connecting values with users as:





Armed with insights around her audience from Instagram and reviewing customer feedback so far, we began to build out the user profiles to define their goals, needs, and personalities. 

After building out two user profiles, we explored the How Might We statements to better understand possible solutions. 

phase 02

User Profiles


After mapping out the user profiles and UX needs, we move into the ideation phase where ideas start to come to life through visuals. For this project, we also worked on a new brand identity — logos, color palette, and a font system that spoke to the ideal users. 

Once brand assets were established we moved into the sketching phase to develop rough ideas of the website layout, checkout experience, and overall user flow. After feedback, the low and then high fidelity wireframes were mapped out. 

phase 03



Normally the development phase is pretty straight-forward; take the wireframes and bring them to life. For this project, an unexpected and incredible opportunity arose for the brand to be featured on Domino Magazine with a dedicated section to the plant tarp product. The catch? The website wasn't yet developed and the magazine required a website link to the product to be featured. 

While it was a bit unconventional, it was clear just how great this opportunity would be for the brand to connect with new ideal clients. We decided it couldn't be passed up.

I worked closely with Phoebe to get up a landing page in time for the feature, which included a simple about section, the product and a basic checkout experience, and most importantly an email opt-in integration to allow visitors to sign up to be notified of future product drops when the item sold out. 

Through that magazine feature, Phoebe sold out of her stock quickly and grew her email list from non-existent to a few hundred. This moment showed me how projects have to be malleable and if you follow the user's needs, in this case a simple checkout experience, you'll find success even if something isn't perfect upon launch.


phase 04


The magazine feature, while non-linear, was actually so helpful because it brought a lot of insight and generated new ideas on how to make the site even better.

We learned that a more expansive Press Page would be useful to the brand since Phoebe generates most income as an influencer. Instead of sending people links in an email to featured articles, a Press page would be an on-brand package of her best articles and video content. 

This was not an original page in the wireframe phase, but it became clear how helpful this would be for editors Phoebe interacts with. By keeping an open-mind, we found a solution for a common task, pitching and replying to media outlets, and were able to add it to the site before the full launch. 


phase 05


No matter how big or small the site, I always help clients come up with a launch strategy for announcing their new website. This is done to help drive traffic to the site and generate more buzz around this important event.

I help by making on-brand graphics for them to share which can be graphic carousels or even videos using their own content or stock videos They use these on social media and we establish a timeline so they can begin to talk up the launch a week or so prior to the big day.

For Phoebe we thought of an idea of using a giveaway to officially launch the site. The giveaway featured her sought after plant tarp and folks were required to visit the site and submit their email for entry in a specific opt-in form.

This was successful by generating website views and snagging emails to later be used in future launches and sales in email marketing campaigns.


phase 06

Project Wins 

Since working together, Phoebe of Welcome to the Jungle Home went from no email list of to over 800 potential customers by using waitlists for product drops to generate buzz. She launched 3 unique products and continues to add more to her Shop in 2021. Her instagram following has also grown over 50K through strategic brand partnerships that are now highlighted on the site and allow her to showcase her experience to future partnerships. The biggest win of all is the online Shop. By using Shopify Lite to sell her products almost on auto-pilot, she converts plant lovers to consumers all while building upon her reputation as a thought leader in the plant space. 

Key Take-Aways 

VIsit the site