"I have worked with Liz since the end of 2019 and she has been such a driving force behind my business. 

She poured her heart into my photo studio and really took ownership of her role. Her passion and commitment towards her job is something you can't teach and I felt that right away. She started off as a photography intern culling and assisting on set, but she quickly made herself an invaluable part of my business and was promoted to be a part-time assistant. 

She is very creative and resourceful in the way she works, and was constantly looking for new solutions and systems for my business. She would check in with me often to see what could be improved upon and took feedback very well. She has excellent written communication skills and I found myself handing over most copy related items to her. 

She sets a very high standard for herself - good enough is not a part of her work vocabulary - and I am confident that she will demonstrate the same level of excellence and dedication towards her next position. 

Liz exemplifies many qualities of a good assistant, but above all, it is her reliability and trustworthiness that makes her such a strong candidate. She grew into this position on my team by putting in the hours and being an incredible support system that I could rely on."

— Yumi Matsuo, Founder of Yumi Matsuo Studio

"Having worked with Liz for nearly a year, I can speak to her integrity, attention to detail, and a commitment to a job done well. In her time at Lilia, she swiftly moved from server assistant - assisting captains in meeting our guests' needs - up to captain, where she delegated to our service team and guided our guests through flawless dining experiences. Liz is reliable, diligent, hardworking, and an absolute pleasure to be around; her commitment to the craft of anticipating others' needs is unparalleled."

— Alicia Blegen, General Manager of Lilia Ristorante

"Liz Harter was an able, curious, and responsible right hand for my editorial brand, New Worlder, for over two years. In addition to keeping our day-to-day edit on track, she was adept at social media, scheduling, regular correspondence with media and writers, as well as organization of assets for articles including photos and images. As our blog writer, she also managed our blog vertical, creating original posts about daily ongoings in the restaurant and travel spaces, as well as curated and compiled our monthly restaurant openings columns and seasonal hotel and book round-ups. She’s pleasant and kind, additionally, which made working with her a pleasure." 
— Marie Elena Martinez, Founder & Editor of New Worlder Magazine

Kind Words From Past Employers:

"Liz was an absolute joy to work with. She is organized, communicative and thorough. She takes the time to understand your vision to accurately execute on the first try. I have absolutely loved working with her and cannot wait until we do so again!"

— Rose Bowman of Rose Bowman Photography

"Before I hired Liz I was so overwhelmed with all of the tasks that needed to get done in a day. But I was really hesitant to release control over different areas of my business. I interviewed a handful of VAs and I instantly connected with Liz. I loved her energy, enthusiasm and she was really easy to talk to! 

Since I've had Liz's support, she has helped me with so many different things, from writing content like blog posts and newsletters to helping me set up tech and sales funnels. Liz is prompt, organized, eager to learn, and a self-starter. I couldn't recommend Liz enough!"

Marisa Messick of Quill & Co. Design