A Pandemic Pivot

defined as an unexpected career
change due to a global crisis

defined as an unexpected career change due to a global crisis

After losing my job at an award-winning restaurant in Brooklyn, I began the ultimate career change into digital design. Since June, 2020, I’ve worked with creative entrepreneurs on brand voice, visual identity, and website design.

Through freelancing I gained hands-on experience in UX design that goes beyond beautiful aesthetics and considers larger user problems and how merge with broader business goals. 

Most recently I worked at a growth marketing agency designing Shopify websites for expanding direct-to-consumer fashion, beauty, and healthcare brands. 


My Approach



Working in restaurants taught me the importance of empathy for both my co-workers and patrons and the value of truly listening to users and collaborators.

Constant Curiousity

With a non-traditional education in design, asking questions, detailed observation, and staying curious are pillars of my design approach.

Working as a freelancer showed me the power of failing forward through action, reflecting and revising, and continuing to move forward. 

Kind Words

"With Liz’s insights and amazing abilities, we were able to quickly iterate from idea to concept. From there, she was amazing at taking feedback, adjusting, and giving us exactly what we needed."


- Andrew Shaw

"She took the time to understand the client's vision and expertly translated the abstract to the concrete with her brand direction and then website design."

UX WRiter + PROJECT PARTNER, brandspeak studio

- Sarah Ellefson

"I had a very tight and unexpected deadline for a project and Liz took the plunge on helping it come to life. She listens, executes and made all my visions into goals and reality."

Content creator + CLIENT, welcome to the jungle home

- Phoebe Cheong

"Liz is reliable, diligent, hardworking, and an absolute pleasure to be around; her commitment to the craft of anticipating others' needs is unparalleled." 

General manager, Lilia ristorante

- Alicia Blegen

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