A Pandemic Pivot

defined as an unexpected career change due to a global crisis

After losing my job at an award-winning restaurant in Brooklyn, I began the ultimate career change into digital design. Since June, 2020, I’ve worked with emerging small businesses on their visual identities, brand voice, marketing strategies, and websites through my one-woman show, Big Wave Studio.

Through freelancing, I help entrepreneurs understand how to serve their user's needs through storytelling and design. Each project is approached from a holistic, big-picture lens that first considers the user while honoring long-term business goals. 

I care about accessibility and inclusion, both online and offline. Through education and observation, I plan to expand my thinking of how an accessible digital experience can take form. 

When away from the computer, I enjoy browsing vintage finds, biking around the city, and experimenting with my film camera — ideally all in the same day.