Elise Lerner

A Multi-Disciplinary
Artist Shines Online

Project Overview


Fans of the artist Elise Lerner's work could only purchase artwork at in-person events or via email communication and check. 


The Team:

I worked closely with Elise herself, a photographer, and a social media strategist on this project, 


— Received positive reception from the artist's community
— Sold 10 large artworks in the first months post-launch

My role:

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Website Design
  • Adobe Suite
  • Shopify

A re-imagined online space serving as a canvas for an array of diverse art pieces to be viewed, sold, and enjoyed. 


  • Spring 2021- Fall 2021

Project Duration:


A seasoned artist, Elise Lerner aspired to make her website to more than a simple Artist's statement. She has experience working with ceramics, textiles, letter-making, book-making, and fashion and wanted to better showcase her wide range as an artist and creator. 

Exploring Creative Directions

Creative Direction

phase 01

Elise's artwork is colorful and spans many mediums. Because of that we wanted to balance the pieces with an elegant, timeless brand identity that would carry through her many phases as an ever-changing artist. In this first phase, we explored 3 unique artistic directions in regards to branding, photo style, colors, and typography. In the end she went with Option 01, The Elevated Intellectual.

Next Creative Exploration

Option 01: The Elevated Intellectual





Option 01:
The Elevated Intellectual

Option 02: The Vibrant Risk Taker





Option 02:
The Vibrant Risk Taker

Option 03: The Natural Optimist





Option 03:
The Natural Optimist

Developing The brand identity

phase 02

Elise went with Option 01, The Elevated Intellectual. as she thought it was the best balance of structure and blank canvas to best compliment her vivid and dynamic artwork. We then worked through several rounds to land on the final branding assets.

Main logo



Color Palette

Photoshoot Planning & Execution

phase 03

Collaboration was a key to this project, specifically on getting the right photo assets for the website and social media. We strategized as a team to book an appropriate studio, ensure we were getting a healthy mix of vertical and horizontal images, and a balance of clean e-commerce product shots as well as busier, lifestyle shots of Elise working with the materials.

Laying the Website Framework


Armed with the updated branding styles, we moved onto high fidelity wireframes where we laid out the key pages and their sections. As there was no copywriter on the project, I ended up writing some of the headers and guiding paragraph copy which gave me a newfound respect for writers on design projects. 

We went through 3 rounds of revisions, the images shown from the first, and a big change was moving away from the grey buttons and picking the magenta brand color instead to better draw users eyes. 

Home Page

Shop Page

Product Pages

Product Page

The Shop Page

Elise has a specific vision in mind for the Shop page, a full page experience that was reminiscent of a Viewing Room you would go into to see a solo piece of artwork before purchasing. 

To achieve that we removed the Navigation for this page alone and tried to make it similar to the in-person art experience.

Page Spotlight

The Final Designs

Phase 05: Development

While this is an e-commerce site it's also a content-heavy site with a blog for an artist sharing their story. 

For these reasons we used a no-code web builder for the base and integrated Shopify Buy Button feature to run all product sales. This allowed the client, who was weary of lots of tech obstacles, to feel empowered to run her own Shop and make content updates on her new site moving forward. Your client is also a user and we need to consider their wants and needs too.



Shopify Integration

Using Shopify Lite's Buy Button was an easy choice because so many users are already familiar with the cart interface.

Page spotlight

See the live site here to see the integration in action!

Project Wins & Reflections

User Wins

  • A streamlined Shop experience that's familiar 
  • Users can browse artwork, read blogs, or listen to the artist's music via embedded Soundcloud tracks all on one website without clicking away

Business Wins

  • Added over 10 unique art pieces to the online Shop using Shopify
  • Received overwhelming positive feedback from colleagues in the art community
  • Has pitched their work more than ever before to galleries, festivals, and shows using their website as a visual portfolio of their work
  • Began blogging regularly and connecting with readers


  • This project was made possible by heavy collaboration and teamwork between myself, other creatives, and the client
  • Business and user needs can work in tandem to make a great final product
  • Treat your clients the way you treat your users, especially when it comes to tech integration choices

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