A Multi-Disciplinary
Artist Shines Online 

BRAND IDENTITY, Photo Curation,
WEBSITE DESIGN, & E-Commerce integration 

the scope:

A seasoned artist, Elise Lerner who wanted to build out her website to more than a simple Artist's statement. 

Not only was she looking to level up her visual branding, but she also wanted to find an e-commerce solution to sell her artwork online with a simple checkout experience. 

This project ended up being a true collaboration between an artist, a social media strategist, a photographer, and a designer (hey, that's me!) to build an entirely new brand identity, voice, and website that allows users to better connect and shop.

the brief:

my role:

the outcome:

I led this project across brand identity, art direction & photography curation, web design and web development in a no-code platform called *Showit. I also assisted in marketing strategy for the brand launch.

— There was no brand identity, style, or compelling photography to showcase her unique artistry and work
— Users could only purchase artwork at in-person events or via email communication and check. 

— Received positive reception from the artist's community
— Sold 5 larger artworks in the first 2 months since launch
— Added email marketing & blogging to share their brand story across more channels

*Important  Note: I use a no-code platform with most artist and creative clients as a best-fit user solution for them so that they feel empowered and educated to edit and work with their site after our time together.


Elise's artwork is colorful and spans many mediums. Because of that we wanted to balance the pieces with an elegant, timeless brand identity that would carry through her many phases as an ever-changing artist. We were very much inspired by the simplicity and structure of traditional in-person art galleries that acts as a blank canvas for the art itself.

phase 01

Creative Direction

the brand style:





Brand Identity

The biggest buzzwords for Elise's visual identity were simple yet sophisticated. We went through many iterations and explorations before landing on this visual identity, typesuite and color way.

Always open to being flexible as the design comes to life, we added this magenta accent color once we built the site and felt the buttons and call-to-action moments were not distinct enough from the rest of the colors. Magenta is used in many of Elise's artworks and felt like it tied the project together while making it easier for users.

phase 02

Photo Direction

Collaboration was a key to this project, specifically on getting the right photo assets for the website and social media. We strategized as a team to book an appropriate studio, ensure we were getting a healthy mix of vertical and horizontal images, and a balance of clean e-commerce product shots as well as busier, lifestyle shots of Elise working with the art and materials. The day of the shoot I face-timed the photographer on set to art direct virtually.

phase 03

Web Design

With no copywriter assigned to this project, I guided the client through a web strategy and content session to better determine the main sections needed throughout the website. Letting the content strategy inform the design, we worked through the high fidelity wireframe revisions to ultimately land on the final design. 

When developing the wireframes into the live site, we adjusted the accent/call-to-action color from gray to magenta, added email marketing opt-ins. and revised the individual product pages to be more consistent.  

phase 04

the before:

the after:

Project Wins 

Business wins:

since working together...

— Added over 10 unique art pieces to the online Shop using Shopify
— Received overwhelming positive feedback from colleagues in the art community
— Has pitched their work more than ever before to galleries, festivals, and shows using their website as a visual portfolio of their work
— Began blogging regularly and connecting with readers

USER wins:

— A streamlined Shop experience that's familiar 
— Users can browse artwork, read blogs, or listen to the artist's music via embedded Soundcloud tracks all on one website without clicking away