A Multi-Disciplinary
Artist Shines Online 

An artist with over 40 years experience in ceramics, paper-making, and weaving, Elise Lerner was ready to develop a website that captured her many artistic and musical endeavors while allowing visitors to learn more about her work. As she's turned to social media to share her art, she knew that creating an online space that shows the intricacy and detail of her artistry was paramount to growing her authority in the art world. 



Client's Goals 

The main goals included building a brand identity and creative direction that complimented, not competed with Elise's oftentimes colorful artwork while maintaining a level of structure and luxury. For the website, the biggest challenge was making a viewing experience that felt akin to entering an art gallery while combining an easy-to-use buyer's journey. 

Project Wins 

This site is currently approaching the launch phase as some final details for artwork presented on the site get ironed out. While there are no hard analytics or data to discuss from this site as of yet, the client's response and enthusiasm throughout the entire process has been resounding. From having a simple Squarespace site with one page and a Bio paragraph to a robust online platform that holds space for her many creative talents, Elise Lerner has the ultimate canvas to work with as she moves into the future with more of her artwork. Not only is the site allowing users to purchase lower cost pieces easily through Shopify Lite, but also she's equipped with a blog where she can express in greater detail thoughts about different pieces or the process behind the artwork. 

Key Take-Aways