Redesigning a Fashion E-commerce Website

Project Overview


THMBL worked with Superbolt to update their website design to both increase product sales all while keeping a very minimal, editorial approach to both design and copy. 


The Team:

I worked on this project as UX/UI Design Fellow at Superbolt Agency along with a Developer, a Project Manager, my direct Manager (Head of Web), and with the THMBL team directly.


This website launched in July. We’re still collecting more detailed data, but early insights suggest a correlation between the new site and sales. 

My role:

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Design Systems


  • Figma
  • Adobe Suite
  • Shopify

A re-imagined, minimal Shopify website to sell more product, increase email marketing, and better showcase talent partners.


THMBL is a brand incubator that partners with influencers and celebrities to build product brands that convert their online audience into customers. With roots in the fashion and apparel industry, THMBL connects these thought leaders with its talented network to help with product development, operations, and marketing for its creators collection drops.

Understanding the Users

A huge part of THMBL’s audience relies on the talent they collaborate with. A majority of web traffic comes directly from social links shared by the talent when they drop launches. With that in mind, we:

  1. Prioritized for Mobile-first screens
  2. Wanted to bring more insight and background to the Visionary pages for each talent collaborator as web visitors are likely strong fans of them and would like to learn more about their process in building their collections
  3. Turned to a less-is-more approach for both design and copy as most users come directly through social channels and are primed to buy through influencer’s content 

Previous Site

Before beginning the project, we gave an analysis of areas for improvement that we would focus on in our re-design.

01. Home Page

  • This Home page takes minimalism to the maximum and is impeding users from understanding the brand upon first glance.
  • We recommended a longer Home page with clear sections like:
  • Hero: to announce new or promoted collections
  • Intro Section: to explain what THMBL does
  • Spotlight Product Section: to push products across multiple. collections

Next page analysis

02. Visionary Page

  • This previous Visionary page only contained a video of the collection creator
  • We suggested adding more content around the inspiration for the collection, materials, and process of developing it. 

Next page analysis

03 Product Page

Next page analysis

  • The minimalist approach to copy makes it hard for users to quickly grasp information. 
  • We suggested changing Sub-headings to more standard e-commerce language to better help guide users

Setting the Framework 


In this first round, we presented an initial Home Page layout for both mobile and desktop. We started with the Home Page as it felt like it needed the most structural additions given that the prior homepage had no sections beyond an intro video + navigation. 

Home Page

  • An announcement banner to push sales or promotions
  • A dedicated hero image section to promote new drops
  • A mini about section to educate users on THBL's brand ethos
  • A featured brands section to highlight the talent and their collections
  • A mini product round-up grid to push desired products 
  • A THMBL curated section to suggest full looks/pairings cross-collections

Main sections added: 

Announcement banner to push sales

Dedicated hero to
promote new drops

Mini product round-up
to push specific products

Mini about section to educate users on thmbl's brand

collections section to highlight current collections

thmbl curated section, like suggested looks/pairings

Ideate 02:


After the first round of designs, the THMBL team came back to us concerned that the layout was too “block-y” and similar to giant fashion sites like Revolve or ShopBop. They gave us some more notes and I re-worked 3 revised Home Page concepts that were all in the editorial, minimalist realm but tapped into different inspiration sources.



click to navigate to each REVISION

option 01

option 02

option 03

  • Option 1 pulls inspiration from streetwear brands like KITH and Sneak in Peace
  • A mix of full images and videos with carousels that bleed off screen

click to navigate to each REVISION

option 01

option 02

option 03

  • Option 2 pulls inspiration from more editorially-styled sites like hueLe Museum and Morobé.
  • The sections remain the same but they are less strict in following the grid system of the other options 

click to navigate to each REVISION

option 01

option 02

option 03

  • Option 3 looks to more traditional e-commerce sites like Skims and Inamorata for inspiration 
  • Heavy emphasis on full-bleed grid formats that are responsive as screens grow larger

The Cart

In our final designs before development, we refined the various cart states: 

high fidelity wireframes round 03

  • Normal State
  • Sold Out State
  • Checkout State

We worked through multiple revisions of this flow to make sure it aligned with the minimal design of the rest of the site. 

Cart, normal state

Cart, Sold Out State

Cart, Checkout State

The final Site 

LIVE, developed shopify site

In this first round, we presented both design and copy changes that we felt were instrumental to the business goal of getting more donations and the user goal of making the site easier to navigate. 

Home Page

Visionary Page

Product Page

Collection Page

The final Design 

LIVE, developed shopify site

In this first round, we presented both design and copy changes that we felt were instrumental to the business goal of getting more donations and the user goal of making the site easier to navigate. 

Key Changes:

  • Simplified Navigation that emphasizes the “Donate”button by using a dark berry color
  • Donation Embed Form at the top-fold of the Donate Page to encourage donations, specifically recurring donations
  • Addition of a footer including navigation links, an email opt-in, and dynamic Instagram Feed
  • Testimonials to show social proof for the organization  

Home Page

Visionary Page

Product Page

Collection Page

Navigation Spotlight

This navigation is animated to slide up smoothly and is a huge upgrade in both design style and user experience from what they had perviously.


Looking to the Future & Reflections

Data to Collect:

This site launched in July so Im still waiting on post-launch analytics, but some data I'd focus on pre vs. post-launch:
  • Sales numbers per collection drop
  • % of abandoned carts 
  • Bounce Rate 
  • Email list opt-in rates

What I'd do differently:

If given more time and budget, I'd focus on:
  • Working with copywriters to develop custom copy for the entire site to move towards more straight-forward writing
  • Including a separate Press Page and more robust About Page that shows THMBL's authority and expertise

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